Martin Luther King, Jr. Day (Observed) BCPS Schools & Offices Closed

1/9/2023 12:47 pm

Need an activity to do in honor of Martin Luther King Jr. Day Monday? How about doing the "Doves of Peace" craft?


Doves of Peace Martin Luther King's message was always one of peace and freedom. Celebrate his message with a peace dove made with just 8 simple folds.


You will need: • Origami paper or decorative scrapbook paper (with different front and back)

• Black marker or two 1/8” plastic craft eyes

• Copy of the diagrams of the folding steps (see below, under steps)

• Picture of a finished dove

To make a dove:

1. Begin with a square piece of paper. If using scrapbook paper, you might need to trim it. Origami paper is often already square. With the back side of the paper facing up, fold the square diagonally. Crease well and then unfold.

2. Make another diagonal fold in the opposite direction. Do not unfold this time.

3. Fold the right corners over as indicated. The fold should be about 2/3 of the distance from the corner to the left fold.

4. Separate the two corners on the left and fold the top section back to the right where indicated – approximately in the middle of the vertical section. (See "Folding Step 4.") You should have a diamond shape of white (or whatever color is on the back of the paper).

5. Fold the entire piece in half from top to bottom as shown. Can you see a bird starting to form? The wings are now pointing down.

6. The wings should flap up, but not straight up. Therefore, fold the top wing as indicated – pointing it up and slightly to the right.

7. Fold the wing on the other side up, matching the wing tips.

8. Make a small inverted fold for the beak as shown in the picture.

9. Finally, draw on the eyes or glue on plastic craft eyes, and your peace dove is complete.