We love our parent volunteers

Here at Pot Spring, we love our volunteers!


Volunteering is a great way to support our staff and students. Whether you contribute one hour this year or several hours each week, your help makes a difference.

Support our school


If you are new to volunteering with the PTA, please review our Getting Started page.


All set and ready to jump in? Have a look at the Volunteer Opportunities section of the Forms and Opportunities page.


Strapped for time and not sure how you can help? We have something for everyone!

  • Have no time this year? Join the PTA. Your membership dues go a long way to supporting the school.
  • Got one hour this year? Let us hear your voice. Read the PTA newsletter, attend a PTA meeting, respond to a request for feedback, share your ideas, comments and suggestions.
  • Have an hour a month to spare? Read the weekly PTA newsletter, attend our monthly meetings, sign up to volunteer a time slot at a PTA event, volunteer to help with a PTA program or committee, or co-chair one of our programs or events that don't require a large time commitment.
  • Free an hour a week? Volunteer with one of our ongoing programs, or co-chair a PTA event, program or committee.
  • Got more time? Become a PTA Board member!


We welcome questions, ideas, suggestions and feedback. If you have anything you would like to share with us, please contact our VP of Volunteers at vpvolunteerspsepta@gmail.com.


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