September 21, 2022

9/7/2022 7:27 pm

September Meeting Info: Date: 9/21/22
    • Time: 7pm - 8pm
    • Google Meet code: SeptemberPotSpringPTA
  • Remember to log in using your student's Google BCPS account. 


    Meeting Minutes                    


    1. Call to Order and Pledge of Allegiance – Jennifer Patterson
    2. Review and Approval of Minutes – Jennifer Patterson
    3. New Business: Open for Comments from General Membership
    4. President's Report – Lauren Rosenthal
    5. Treasurer’s Report – Lauren Rosenthal for Tim Reuter
    6. Reports of Vice Presidents, Committee Chairs, and Event Chairs

    (a) 1st Vice President (Communications) – Stacey Menegatti

    (b) 2nd Vice President (Events) – Heather DeFilippis

    (c) 3rd Vice President (Volunteers) – Mary Rose Schwarb

    1. Committee Reports – As necessary
    2. Principal's Report – Mrs. Jane Martin
    3. Assistant Principal's Report – Mr. Tommy Fare
    4. Unfinished Business
    5. Adjournment



    Every day, 12-9pm: Restaurant Night at Tutti Frutti

    Monday, September 26th: SCHOOLS CLOSED

    Friday, September 30th: House Day - Cooperation

    Friday, September 30th, 6-8pm: Family Game Night in the Pot Spring Cafeteria

    Saturday, October 15th, 3-6pm: Family Fall Fest in the Pot Spring Parking Lot               

     Wednesday November 2nd: Race for Education