January 2022: Mr. George

10/26/2021 4:51 pm

Mr. George is one of PSE’s talented Additional Adult Assistants (AAA), and he is also the Program Director at Hotspots, PSE’s before and after school childcare program.  AAA’s work one on one with students, including students who have IEP’s, offering individual support to help students achieve success.


Mr. George’s Pot Spring journey actually began quite some time ago - he grew up in Timonium and went to Pot Spring Elementary, himself!  When Mr. George attended PSE for kindergarten through fifth grade, several of our current teachers taught Mr. George, including Mrs. Martin!

Once George was no longer a PSE student, he started volunteering for bus duty with Mrs. Aghalarov and Mr. Hester outside, helping students get on the bus safely. After a couple of years volunteering outside, George expanded his volunteering inside PSE: helping teachers with making copies, reading to students, helping students complete their work, etc.  In 2018, Mr. George was hired to join the PSE team as a full time AAA.


George has an older sister (24), and his younger brother (19) goes to Auburn University. Supporting the local student community is a family affair – George’s mom works at Stevenson University and his dad, who many Bluebirds know as Mr. Gerry, also works as an AAA at PSE.  George also has two large dogs named Hazel and Millie.


In his free time, George loves hanging out with friends and family. He also likes to watch the show “Crikey, It’s the Irwins” on Animal Planet, in which the Irwins rescue animals in Australia and release them back into the wild.  It comes as no surprise then, that Mr. George’s favorite animal is the fluffy, fuzzy Koala!  He even got to pet and hold one on a trip to Australia with his family a couple of years ago.


A proud member of Yellow House, George shares, “Go Yellow House!  My favorite thing about working at Pot Spring is how well everyone works together and will help with anything. All the teachers are there for each other and will help you/support you if you need help. The school community is one of the best, especially during the tough times we had last year”.