October 2021: Ms. Amy DiBari

10/26/2021 4:51 pm

Some of you have already noticed the new smiling face in our front office this fall – we’re excited to have our new Administrative Secretary, Ms. Amy DiBari, join our veteran Ms. Amanda Peace to form our new administrative powerhouse team! 


Ms. DiBari is the mother to two teenagers – her daughter, Kathryn, is 17 and her son, Jake, is 16 – they round out their family with a dog, Bear, and two cats.  Ms. DiBari grew up right around the corner in Timonium, MD and attended Pinewood Elementary School herself, just as her two children did!  As she was growing up in the house next door to the one in which she currently lives (her parents are still there!), Ms. Dibari wanted to be a nurse or a teacher.


When she’s not helping to keep PSE running smoothly behind the scenes, Ms. DiBari can be found reading (memoirs are a favorite, as well as Harold and the Purple Crayon), spending time with her friends and her family, or exercising.  She loves to hike and belongs to a gym called The Outsiders.  Amy doesn’t really identify herself as a “gym” person, but she gave this one a try at the invitation of a teacher at her former school – and immediately loved it.  Already an avid Blue House participant, Ms. DiBari is also a big fan of animals, particularly foxes, French fries, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.


While her first year at PSE, this is Ms. DiBari’s sixth year with BCPS (plus her 9 years as a BCPS student!).  When asked about her PSE experience so far, Ms. DiBari shared, “I have been impressed with how friendly and welcoming everyone has been. It can be hard starting at a new place, but everyone made me feel welcome right away. Thank you! I also love how involved and supportive the families are here”.  The PSE community is happy to welcome you, Ms. DiBari, and we look forward to the fun ahead!